What is a Push Notification? And Why Does it Matter?

Think Of How We Would Be Notified When A New Cat Video Is Out Without Push Notifications

In the event that you have a mobile application, you have to comprehend what push notices are. Some of you may know what a pop-up message is and how it functions, however, would you say you are adequately utilizing them, further bolstering your advantage?

Message pop-ups are an incredible advertising device for anybody with a mobile application since they enable you to remain in contact with your users.

Simply ensure you utilize this procedure cautiously.

On the off chance that you go over the edge and utilize this strategy time after time, it can make users quiet your message pop-ups. This is clearly something you’ll need to keep away from.

For those of you that aren’t sure what push warnings are and don’t realize how to utilize them, I’m here to help. That is the reason I made this guide.

As an industry master, I’ll disclose all that you have to think about message pop-ups.

That way you’ll realize how to utilize them to enhance your current mobile application. How about we make a plunge.



The Difference Between Push Notifications And Text Messages

Despite the fact that there are heaps of likenesses, push notices are not equivalent to instant messages. Both of these messages go specifically to the user’s phone and appear to be comparable on their bolt screen, however, they’re still altogether different.

For a message pop-up to appear on a bolt screen legitimately, you need a confined character limit. Instant messages can be longer on the grounds that the user can open it up to peruse the whole message. Be that as it may, if your pop-up message gets cut off on the bolt screen, it will hurt your changes.

That is the reason push notices with fewer words have higher navigate rates. So it’s vital that you figure out how to communicate as the need should arise with a constrained measure of words.

When you swipe to open a pop-up message, it will have an indistinguishable impact from an instant message. An instant message will convey you to your informing application, while a pop-up message will convey the user to whatever application sent the message.

Pop-up messages are totally free for users to get. That is not generally the situation with instant messages.

On the off chance that your company sends SMS messages as a limited time technique, you might need to reconsider this procedure. Contingent upon the user’s phone plan, they may need to pay to get SMS messages.

Moreover, bunches of individuals relate SMS limited time content as spam. Despite the fact that you may approach a client’s phone number, sending spontaneous SMS messages is illicit.

Individuals get these messages all the time from random numbers. You don’t need your company to be related to spam.

Pop-up messages are greatly improved in light of the fact that the user knows precisely who it’s originating from. Obviously, the message is from the application that they’ve introduced on their gadget.



Users Can Opt-In And Opt-Out Of Push Notifications

In the event that individuals would prefer not to get notification from you, they’ll kill push warnings. This contact technique puts the user in total control, which is not quite the same as instant messages.

In spite of the fact that the correct pop-up messages can have high open rates, sending an excessive number of warnings will reverse discharge. The greater part of application users states that they observe push warnings to be an irritating diversion.

Be that as it may, not every person feels along these lines. 26% of users like pop-up messages since they appreciate getting refreshes about their interests. An extra 20% of users state that push notices help upgrade their profitability.

So the key for you is to ensure you’re offering some benefit for the users who need notices without irritating the users who discover them diverting.

Be that as it may, generally, the larger part of application users select in to push warnings. As should be obvious, these changes by industry. There is an alternate view of pop-up messages among Android and iOS users. In any case, we’ll talk about that in more noteworthy detail somewhat later.

The most ideal approach to ensure that application users don’t quit your pop-up messages is by being specific. Sending too many is the quickest method to get blocked.

That is an issue on the grounds that once a user quits a message pop-up it won’t be anything but difficult to inspire them to pick in once more since you simply lost your best contact strategy.

Look what occurs if an application sends notifications somewhere in the range of two to five every week.

Almost 50% of those users will stop accepting these messages later on. Moreover, 32% of application users will quit utilizing an application totally in the event that they get somewhere in the range of six and ten pop-up messages in seven days.

Unmistakably such a large number of these messages will cause a negative relationship with your brand and application. So simply ensure that you’re being specific at whatever point you’re considering utilizing a message pop-up. Stay with ones that increase the value of the user.



Send Push Notifications Based On The User’s Location

Since you would prefer not to send push notices, again and again, you must concoct a valid justification to utilize them. Sending warnings dependent on the area is one of my most loved procedures.

Huge businesses are utilizing a developer app under the category of geofencing innovation, combined with pop-up messages to drive deals from clients who downloaded their mobile application. Here’s the manner by which it works.

Set up your application to follow the users’ area, with their consent obviously. At that point, you can send an opportune message pop-up dependent on their area on the off chance that it falls inside your geofencing range.

For instance, suppose somebody lives in Chicago and they’re strolling by Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs Major League Baseball crew.

They get this message pop-up from SeatGeek.

It’s a viable pop-up message since it’s significant and auspicious. The individual has this application introduced on their phone, so they’re clearly inspired by games and different occasions.

They get the warning since obviously, they live close to the ballpark.

Sending this message to somebody who lives in Florida is clearly not as powerful on the grounds that they would need to get a plane so as to go to this amusement. Also, it’s impossible that somebody in Florida is even a Cubs fan.

The message is extraordinary in light of the fact that it’s particular. It’s not simply discussing any Cubs amusement. The advancement is unmistakable to opening day.

SeatGeek even incorporated the cost for the least tickets on their stage. This gives the user a motivating force to open the application and make a buy.

In the event that they don’t act quick, opening day tickets could possibly move out.

The majority of this was cultivated by utilizing area-based administrations to follow the user.



Push Notifications Enhance The User Experience

As opposed to simply utilizing message pop-ups as a showcasing strategy, you can likewise send push notices to enhance the user experience. Consider why somebody is utilizing your application. By what means can a message pop-up improve their experience even?

For instance, how about we investigate a company like Uber. Their application is a noteworthy achievement, so it’s dependably an extraordinary plan to follow in the way of the individuals who prevailing before you.

They use push notices to make things less demanding for individuals utilizing their application.