Web Designing – The Art of Today

The world today is now run by technology, you can now see it in our everyday life like making a withdrawal or a deposit at your local bank, buying on the favorite clothes on the online store, hunting for that job that you wanted, or even accepting that friend request your classmate or your colleague just sent. But in order for those “places” look appealing and increase traffic, one must now the art of web designing.


Web designing refers to the art and, as the name implies, the designing of certain websites. This job is responsible for the most popular looks on your favorite websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, or other websites that one visits if they have the time to look. In order for someone to become a web designer, one must have a good eye on the layouts, color palette, fonts, and the shapes used in making the website, it also must be aesthetically pleasing and friendly to the user (i.e easy to use and handle) and to the user’s eye, it must to the standard on the brand so that their website will be a popular hit. With this, here are the benefits of being a web designer. 


1.It gives benefits to your creative half


Aside from having a good eye on the layouts, color palette, fonts, and the shapes used in making the website, it also feeds your creative half your personality. Like an artist staring at his blank canvas, carefully planning on the lines and the colors he must use before putting up the final product, a web designer must be this way in order the website to look pleasing to the eye and also it may be the reason for the increase in traffic, thus increase in profit.


2.You can work on the Internet


You can work on the biggest platform the world has ever seen, the Internet, where everyone can post on the where they are, sell their things on an online shop, or whatever they want to do. You are responsible for making the website easy to use so that users can freely move in and out of the website with ease. Also, a great website design could bring a big impact on the company, that way it will increase in popularity and increase in profit.


3.One must know programming


If you think that web designing is just creating and dragging shapes and insert some labels and colors in it, well you are wrong. Web designing uses state-of-the-art programming languages in order for the computer to understand what you just typed and then the computer will do the job for you, programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used in designing some websites. So before landing that job as a web designer, you must study and understand those programming languages in order for you to visualize the appearance of the web and also the computer will understand your codes.


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