How to Pick a Web Hosting Provider: Important Factors to Consider

1. Reliability

Uptime and performance can make or break your platform. Website performance influences conversion rates, bounce rates, SEO, and how credible your website appears to clients and visitors. Choose a top web hosting company in Malaysia with an uptime guarantee of at least 99%. It’s also better to assess the performance-related features, from access to content delivery service (CDN) or built-in caching.

2. The convenience of adding a domain name

As your online brand grows, you would surely want to expand, start other websites or may explore website flipping. If you want to buy additional domains, you must settle with a web host that will make it easier for you to manage them. The best decision is to pick a web host that provides unlimited domains.

3. Sign up and renewal costs

Always be careful when singing up. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in a hosting plan that is more expensive than it seems. There are companies that provide attractive sign up packages for new clients. Then, they would raise the price when it comes to renewals. Check sign up fees before signing up.

4. Ease of navigation

The web host’s control panel must be easy to control and navigate. You will be spending plenty of time on this area to manage your website. If the control panel is easy to navigate, you don’t need to rely on their team for support for the most basic tasks. You will be able to find details on your website without any problem.

5. Email addresses for your domain

Whether you have a blog, business website or commerce store, your readers and clients need a way to get in touch with you. It would be very helpful to have an email address that is associated with the domain of your website. It sounds more professionals, and is a lot easier to remember.

Check your potential provider’s email services.