Boost Your Marketing Efforts by Combining SEO and Website Design

Combining SEO and Website Design: Boosting Your Marketing Efforts


Designing a website is not an easy, quick process. A lot of thorough consideration goes into this task. If you want your website design malaysia company’s website to be successful, you need to prioritize professionalism, attractiveness and usability. Search engine optimization is also one thing that you should consider. When combined with website design, a good SEO technique can lead your website to success.


  1. Make it mobile.

 Mobile Phones

More and more customers are conducting internet searches through their smartphones and mobile devices. Google knows this, and penalizes websites which are not mobile friendly. Remember that high-quality mobile optimization is a foundational step.


  1. Speed it up.


Even the most visually appealing-websites wouldn’t be successful if they have slow-loading pages. Don’t forget to conduct audits to make sure that your design is not hurting your business efforts.


  1. Optimize images.


Even images need quality optimization. For search engines, they serve as extra content when they search your pages with text. Keep SEO strategy in mind when uploading your images. Pick the right keywords that can match the words your potential customers are likely to type in search engines.


  1. Eliminate content blocks.


Blocking access to some of your content can hurt your rankings. These are usually the sections locked down for members. If you want to black some website sections, see to it that many optimized parts are set to public.


  1. Regularly update your website.


Your website should be regularly updated, in order to remain useful to potential and existing customers. New updates can bring new opportunities.


  1. Optimize your URLs.


Do you know that you can gain a lot of good opportunities if you pick the right domain name? Make sure to choose a good search-friendly page name.