Blogging 101

Do you want to get money from blogging in Malaysia? Well, you need to work hard in order to
be successful in the long run. Blogging requires tons of effort and meticulous attention to detail
to pull off. Blog writing is not just about publishing random thoughts. It is also about catering to
a specific audience who will come back once in a while to view more blog content.

Research more about your audience. That way, you will know who you are talking to, and what
type of content they want to read. Once you identify your target readers, start catering to their
needs by publishing engaging blog posts about those topics they love reading about.

Before you even take on a blogging career, you should know that not all bloggers succeed in
their field. This can be painful, but the field of blogging is really a cut-throat world.

1. Consistency

Focus on consistent blog maintenance. Set a clear schedule for publishing, editing, writing and
engaging with your readers to retain your readership. Never procrastinate. Setting realistic
schedule will help you keep your focus. Keep the momentum going.

2. Voice

Several bloggers tend to shift to formal writing because they are very concerned about technical
aspects. It’s important for you to develop a unique written voice. Let your ideas come out freely.
Your blogging voice must be conversational, consistent, natural and informal. If your writing is
too nervous or stiff, your readers will surely know.

3. Editing

Before publishing your content, see to it that you have proofread and edit it thoroughly, from the
order of words to spelling and grammar. Make sure that nothing is offensive. Always double
check the facts. Remember, when it comes to content creation, quality should always be a
priority. It’s always better to publish twice a week than uploading messy blogs four times a

4. Publishing

Take your blogging schedule seriously. Post your blog entries during those times when most of
your target readers are online. Moreover, don’t forget to engage with your followers. If you want
to further improve your online presence, use social media to promote your blog content.