Best Guide on Using Warm Colors for Your Room

Fall is the perfect time to embrace warm colors in your home, as all the warm side of the color wheel ranges from the natural autumn color palette. The coziness and warmth of the season can be embraced by refreshing your textiles, art, accessories, or floral arrangements with those autumnal hues. Interior design firms give tips for turning the color wheel into a bright and perfectly balanced decor.

What are Warm Colors?

Those in the red, orange, and yellow families are warm colors, while those in the black, blue, and purple families are cool colours. Thought of scarlet, orange, coral, amber, sienna, and gold against cooler teal, aubergine, emerald, aqua, and cobalt. Remember the Grade School art class color wheel? A line is drawn right through the middle divvies up those two groupings, while hues can act as hybrid colors near where the halves meet (like purple).

Warm colors can also be thought of as warm, earthy tones. To me, camel leathers, blacks, dark grays, and taupes are warm colours. Generally cooler colors are warmer, and add an airy feel to a room.

White – Warm or Cold?

Both of them! White can be more cool or warm depending on the shade. If you look closely you can see in the color hints of the undertones such as red, blue, yellow and purple.

Picking up on these subtle tints can take some practice but they can have a big impact on how a paint color or piece of furniture looks in a room. The yellow or pink undertones will read warmer while the whites will appear cooler with blue or green undertones.

Different types of lighting can also affect whether a white looks warmer or cooler— thus, many designers recommend testing a large swatch on the wall before painting a whole room. “If you have tons of natural light streaming in, things will look cooler, while rooms filled with artificial light will look much colder. Don’t worry about matching every white in a room perfectly. Using both cool and warm whites will bring in the best of both worlds. I love layering a bright, clean white with other warmer whites because it allows for a light and airy yet comfortable and warm feel.

Gray – Warm or Cold?

Unlike white, gray will act as a warm or cool color, too. If you want one that skews warmly to your walls, consider Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray. It feels light and airy but it also has a warm elegance and formality which makes it perfect for a bright white trim living room.