7 Things to Look for in a Web Host

1. Uptime

Uptime is always measured by percentage. Basically, it tells how often a hosting provider’s servers are working, or “up.” You would want to end up with a website hosting company with the highest uptime possible. Read web hosting companies reviews in Malaysia. Find a web host with the highest possible uptime, around 99.8% or higher.

2. Security

Settle with a web hosting provider with strong credential when it comes to providing security.

This will protect your platform from hackers. It’s best to ask your potential web host if their team implements malware scanning and automatic updates.

3. Customer service

Just in case something goes wrong with your web pages, a team should be there anytime to provide you with the necessary solutions. Look for a web hosting company with 24/7 customer service. Inquire about your preferred communication avenues, too. Would you prefer to reach out to them via a ticketing system, online chat or phone access?

4. Backups

A reliable web host would implement an automatic backup routine for you.

5. Bandwidth and Storage

This equate to the amount of information you can store on your website, from written content to images and videos. It also determine the amount of web traffic that you are allowed to have. Of course, more is always better. However, you need to pick the right plan and level for your website.

6. Price

Budget is always a primary consideration here. Don’t settle for the cheapest plan. Instead of making your life easier, you might end up experiencing more issues. Select the price range and features that would work best for you.

7. Speed

Choose a highly reliable web hosting provider if you want your web pages to load quickly. It’s your platform, and you would want to the best for it.