6 Best Social Media Platforms for Small Businesses in Malaysia

1. Twitter

Twitter is the perfect social media platform for businesses whose target market is composed of tech-savvy customers. This is a crucial website of any kind of business to gain a presence, and sharpen their brand identity.

2. Instagram

Instagram is the ultimate visual platform. It is owned by Facebook, and targets millennial, mobile and high engaged young people. If you are looking into efficient social media marketing services in Malaysia, don’t forget to leverage on this platform. There is doubt that Instagram advertising can make a difference in your brand strategy.

3. Facebook

This is the world’s largest, and most popular social media website. This must be a part of every digital marketing effort. Each business, regardless of the size, industry and approach, should have a Facebook business page, and remain active with updates.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social media platform to be for businesses and professionals. It is considered as an online resume’, and the website where B2B professionals connect and make sales. LinkedIn marketing is extremely valuable for business-to-business techniques because it delivers the best visibility among potential partners, customers and clients.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the go-to platform when it comes to videos. This is not the website for all businesses, since it requires a bit more effort and time to utilize. Since it’s a video sharing site, you would need to produce customized videos about your services and products.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is considered as an online pinboard where people can organize and save images that link to articles, products and other content. It is the perfect choice for brands and buisnesses that cater mainly to the female market.