5 Customer Retention Strategies that Keep Customers Coming Back

What do you think are the strategies that e-commerce entrepreneurs have to do to keep their customers to keep coming back to their online store?

Today, I am going to talk about some tried and tested strategies that will surely help you gain more customers and keep them coming back for more.

Elevate the Customer’s Experience

Some small things can really go a long way. If you want people to actually go and become your customers and come back for more in the future, you need to do what are considered to be small things, but does a pretty good impression to your customers.

There was one time that I order an apple pie online. It was from an online entrepreneur that sells some of her grandma-inspired original recipe apple pie. I actually want to order more in the future.

No, it’s not the apple pie’s flavor that got me hooked (actually, it was delicious), but it was the small thank you note that was slid under the box.

These unexpected yet small displays of appreciation can help with customer retention. Now, excuse me as I am going to order another apple pie from her.

Experiment with Different Email Strategies

Sending emails is not a lost art and it is actually encouraged that you do so. You must experiment with different email strategies that will work for your particular business.

For instance, if you are selling perishable goods, then sending your customers timely emails reminding them that they might find that it is time to restock.

The content and the timing of your email are crucial, which is why you need to experiment what truly works for your venture.

Go Social

I am willing to bet that most of your customers can be found in social media platforms. I mean, I think at this point, it is safe to say that the vast majority of them have accounts on the many social media sites available today.

That being said, one way you can strike a conversation to your customers would be to go social as well. Go to popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Intagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and others and communicate with your customers in the platform.

Truly Care for Your Customers

Real entrepreneurs- the most successful ones, do not care just about their business- they also care for their customers as well.

For example, my friend who is a bodybuilder gets an email from bodybuilding.com (because that is where he buys his supplements). The email states how his progress is going and would love to recommend to him some more supplements to get him right on track.

Although this kind of sounds salesy, the gesture is actually something that can go a really long way.

Compel Your Customers to Act

If you find that your conversion rate is lower than what you’ve expected and you wish to provide a spark, then you can compel your existing customer base to act by giving time-limited promotions.

For example, in the next 48 hours, some of your products are 10% off or something to that extent. Imposing a time component not only boosts your conversions, but it will also ensure that your customers will go back for more (as they are compelled to act due to the limited time offer).