4 SEO Writing Tips That Can Make Your Content Rank Higher

Do you want to improve your website performance with the help of a top SEO specialist in Malaysia? There are plenty of professionals out there that can assist you in coming up with the right strategy, based on your goals. However, keep in mind that there is no perfect SEO approach. Every SEO best practice is tailored for your target audience’s needs.

Write your blog posts for humans, not algorithms and machines. Below are 4 important tips that you should always remember.

1. Pick your keywords thoroughly.

Once you find the right keywords, your ranking potential will skyrocket. You need to evaluate every possible keyword, and check how it can or cannot work for you. For instance, many keyword tools rate keyword difficulties from 1 to 100. If a keyword is given a 100 score, this means that it is impossible to rank using that keyword. Never select a keyword that is rated more than 40.

2. Utilize high-opportunity phrases and keywords with great potential.

All of your SEO writing work will go to waste if you use inappropriate keywords. You need to comb through all the results, and then analyze the most high-ranking pieces. In addition to that, you need to know what definitive, awesome content looks like.

3. Come up with long-form content.

Blog articles which are well-thought-out, exhaustive and full of useful information is comprehensive, and is usually written in long form. Comprehensive, thorough content ranks well. For a thorough long-form content, the minimum is 2,000 words. However, this can change depending on the topic you want to write about, and the type of audience you are serving.

4. Don’t forget to add quantifiable value to your SEO writings.

Add more value to your content marketing copy. This is important for both SEO and human readers. Long-form posts are useless if you fail to add teachable, valuable insights. Value is not only about your opinions and thoughts. Make sure to integrate helpful data, from studies and statistics to facts and experts’ point of view.