4 Good Reasons Why Gambling Should Be Banned

Gambling can take on many forms. It could be that people play the lottery or it could be that people can play in online casinos as well.
Whatever the means, gambling should be banned outright. There are so many reasons why you want this to be banned.
Look, there are already some states and countries that have deemed it illegal for people to gamble, but not legalizing this is not actually quite effective.

Outright banning all forms of gambling may be the way to go and in this article, I will cite some good reasons why gambling should definitely be banned.

It May Be Subject to Fraud

Gambling can be quite addictive and because people can get addicted to it, they will not hesitate to spend more and more money. This, in turn, will mean that the government can generate state taxes for use in infrastructure, healthcare, among many others.

Although that is seen on paper, it can actually be a cause for fraud and corruption since not all government agencies and politicians are scot-free.

It May Result in Problem Gambling

In states where gambling is legal, it is found that it is just a leisure activity that people do to pass the time. However, there are people that actually make this as a living and it can lead to problem gambling.

Pathological gamblers are a league of their own which is why they get their own classification in the newest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or the DSM.

It Can Exploit the Underprivileged

When you ask casino owners about why they want to build a casino in a certain area, they will usually say positive things like employing the locals to work for them, having another means of increasing state taxes, and a host of other lies.

Sure, some casino owners would employ locals to work in their institution but the problem is that it actually exploits the poor. That is because they are usually underpaid and that is also the reason why casino owners would usually take their businesses offshore as opposed to operating in their native country.

It Sets Double Standards

There are some governments that would acquire some funding through state lotteries. But, legalizing gambling this way actually promotes gambling. The promise of fortunes and the fact that the uncertainty aspect is quite appealing makes people addicted to it.

You could think of it as a double-edged sword. For one, the money that can be acquired from state lotteries could be used to improve infrastructure and provide the vast majority of people with healthcare.

However, can you really tell if that is actually the case, knowing that corruption in government agencies is still prevalent to this day?